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Child Custody Lawyer Orange County Focusing on your Child's Best Interests 

Child custody battles can put your parental rights at risk and complicate divorce or separation. Don't risk losing physical or legal custody of your children. Our child custody lawyer Orange County can assist you in negotiating or mediating a solution, in addition to litigating at court. 


We stand by parents all over Southern California in Los Angeles, San Diego, and the Riverside Counties. Our child custody lawyer Orange County prioritizes the best interests of your children and helps them maintain a loving relationship with both parents. Book a free consultation and discuss your case with our seasoned attorneys.


Understanding Child Custody in California 

Child custody laws explain the rights and responsibilities of each parent when it comes to raising their children post-divorce or separation. The parents may either settle for a parenting plan or refer the matter to court. The parenting plan is a custody and visitation agreement that details:

·        Physical Custody or Time-sharing

Physical custody or time-sharing refers to the time spent by the child with each parent. 

·        Legal Custody or Decision Making 

Legal custody refers to who can make decisions on important issues regarding the child's upbringing, like education, healthcare, and religion. 


The courts generally favor a 50/50 custody arrangement between both parents. However, if one parent has more than 50% of the time, they are known as custodial parents and the other is called a non-custodial parent. 


To learn more about your rights as parents after a divorce, call (714) 733-7065 or send an email to and schedule a free discussion with our child custody lawyer in Orange County. 


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